Still another merger occurred at this time, one that cut across synodical lines and united three great Lutheran Church bodies, including the former American Lutheran Church, of which St. Peter was a member, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the United Evangelical Lutheran Church. Later, a fourth, the Lutheran Free Church also joined the merged Church, now known as The American Lutheran Church. Thus Germans, Norwegians and Danes began a new era of closer unity and brotherhood in service together on a wider scale than ever before in the history of the Lutheran Church in America.
    Pastor Jandrey's ministry was also marked by certain improvements in the physical plant of the Church. Stained glass windows were contracted for in October of 1961. Final installation and dedication was achieved by April of 1963. In December of that same year in 1963 the church spire was erected and pointed towards the heavens.
    In 1964 Pastor Jandrey received a Call from a parish at Cookesville, Wisconsin, and felt led to accept it and thus tendered his resignation which the congregation regretfully accepted, terminating his ministry in this parish.
    Rev. Clarence Nagel was called as pastor of the parish March 1, 1965. He served approximately a year and a half and gave strong impetus to Christian education and training in Sunday School at Luther League. On Oct. 1, 1966 he tendered his resignation and terminated his ministry to the congregation.

    An interim of nine months followed when the parish was without a regular pastor. During this time other types of parish alignments were studied and discussed. Without a regular pastor, the work was carried on through the kind assistance of neighboring pastors, especially by the Rev. Dennis Mueller of Christ Lutheran Church in Grant Township. St. Peter Congregation is indeed very grateful to her sister Congregation, Christ Lutheran Church and Pastor Mueller for so graciously sharing his services. As none of the proposed new parish alignments seemed feasable, the existing parish, on May 8, 1967, extended a Call to Pastor Olaf I. Rossing of Mitchell, So. Dak., which he accepted. He began his active ministry in the parish on July 6, 1967, and was officially installed in the two congregations on July 16, with Pastor Palmer Wold of the Morningside Lutheran Church, Sioux City, officiating. Now, on its 50th Anniversary, the Congregation looks over the past with gratitude to God for His many mercies and blessings, sometimes given in the face of hardship and trial and at other times in the midst of joyous laughter, peace and abundance. As it looks to the future, the members are confident in the sure mercies of God and of his abiding, steadfast love, by which they are ready to press on to the future in His Name. As St. Peter Lutheran Church celebrates its 50th Anniversary on Oct. 7-8, 1967, it does so with a sense of joy and happiness. With a sense of justifiable pride, the members have completely redecorated their entire Church, both the interior and the exterior. Members of the ALCW purchased the paint and did the work of actual painting the entire basement and adjoining classrooms. The sanctuary and the exterior of the church was contracted for by the Congregation. New pews were installed during the month of September and dedicated on September 17th to the glory of God. These were purchased from the Endicott Church Furniture Co. at the cost of $3.516.00. In these and in many ways the members have manifested a love for their Church to the glory of God.

Brunsville, Iowa