Golden Jubillee Booklet - Chapter IV: Our Churches (Part II)
page 15

It was in the year 1894 that the early settlers in Johnson Township indicated  a desire to form a Christian congregation in their midst. As a result of this,

Rev. Kleinlein, then pastor of Christ Lutheran, Grant Twp. began to conduct services for a small group of families in a school house. In 1896 the congregation was formally organized under the guidance of Rev. Finke of Le Mars. The eight charter members immediately started planning a church building which was to be dedicated in 1897. From its modest beginning, the church began to grow and in 1923 the present church building was completed. A new and modern parson-age was built in 1936 to replace the one which was destroyed by fire. This church, located 7 miles Southwest of Brunsville, was united in Nov. 1957 with St. Peter church at Brunsville to form one parish. Present baptised membership is 177. Rev. Cyril Jandrey is pastor.

As might be expected, the youngster so far as churches are concerned is located within the limits of our town. Important dates in the history of St.Peter church are (1) 1917, the year the church was formally organized by Rev. Schmidt of Ireton. This small group then purchased a church building at Dalton and moved it here. Under the leadership of Rev. Walter Zank the present par-sonage was erected at a cost of $2,945.00. The congregation grew slowly but steadily, and in 1955, during the pastorate of A. F. Zenk, ground was broken, for a new brick structure greatly enlarging the worship area and providing space for Sunday School classrooms. (The cost of the new church was $55,000 and in May of 1960, four years after dedication the mortgage was burned at a special morning service. Presently, the congregation is served by Rev. C. Jandrey and has a baptized membership of 207.

The Ihnke Harms Family showing farmstead built by early English settlers about 1880. Notice license plate on car. Pictured L to R: John (on bicycle), Mr. Harms (seated), Katherine, Mrs. Harms (seated), Marie. In car, front seat, Henry and Dick. Herman in back seat.

Brunsville, Iowa