The town of Brunsville was established in 1911 and they celebrated their Golden Jubilee in 1961.  The celebrattion was documented in a booklet entitled "The Brunsville Story" 
which also reviews the history of the town from 1911 to 1961.

The booklet does not include information about the author except for two poems and an article written by Charles H. Mammen. 

The only other documentation in the booklet is in regard to the printing which was done by The LeMars Daily Sentinel. If anyone has any information about the author, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can credit them appropriately.

From "The Brunsville Story" - How Brunsville Got It's Name

In the early 1900's, railroads were expanding through out the Midwest.  The Western Townsite Company was established for the purpose of promoting and developing towns along the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad.  In 1911 when the railroad was expanding in Plymouth County, they helped establish the town of Brunsville.  The following is documentation explaining how the name Brunsville was chosen.

"When the townsite of Brunsville was laid out by the Western Townsite Company, there was a need of a general market and trading center in the community and after due deliberation the land owned by
Mrs. Mary Bruns was chosen and the village was named in her honor. An eighty-acre tract was platted and within a few months a cow pasture was transformed into a thriving village." 
(W.S. Freeman's "History of Plymouth County, Vol. 1 published 1917, page 227)

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Brunsville, Iowa