The Ladies Aid, now called the ALCW is the oldest society of the con-gregation. It was in the beginning a non-sectarian society, but was reorgan-ized as a Lutheran Aid Society by the Rev. W. Zank in 1920. Since its or-ganization it has always tried to be a willing handmaid of the Lord. It was and is still today a great help in financial and social needs of the congrega-tion. Of the charter members, only Mrs. Herman Harms and Katherine Dickman survive to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

    On October 24, 1960 the Ladies Aid was reorganized due to the church merger and renamed St. Peter Lutheran Church Women. At this time, the group was divided into two circles with Ruth Circle meeting in the afternoon, and Esther Circle meeting in the evening.

 Present officers are as followings:



President - Dorothy Jelken Stewardship Chrm. - Janice Renken
Vice Pres. - Clare Krienert Ruth Circle Chrm - Lucille Plueger
Secretary - Joyce Willer Esther Circle Chrm. - Cherly Dickman
Treasurer - Carol Willer
Education Chrm. - Lois Varenhorst

Membership consists of all adult women of the church.
Anna Albright Carol Albright
Eleanor Borchers Reva Albright
Dorothy Brown Linda Anderson
Doris Brooks Cecelia Borchers
Hannah Bruns Cheryl Dickman
Katherine Dickman Delores Harms
Tena Gronemeyer Beverly Held
Lillian Harms Rose Janke
Tillie Harrington Juanita Jelken
Dorothy Jelken Joyce Johnson
Delia Kallsen Clara Krienert
Marjorie Klemme Marlis Linstrand
Mary Klemme Marion McHale
Gesine Martfeld Katheleen Oetken
Kathryn McHale Sheryl Oetken
Clara Oetken Hilda Renken
Berlien Oltmanns Janice Renken
Lucille Plueger Mary Richards
Minnie Scammahonr Betty Stinton
Anna Siebens Hannah Utesch
Anna Toel Rose Vernon
Lois Varenhorst Jean Wilken
Therese Wilken Peggy Wilken
Katherine Willer Carol Willer
Joyce Willer
Kay Willer



Brunsville, Iowa