Poem Written in Commemoration of
The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the First State Bank



In nineteen hundred and twenty-nine
    As most of the older folk know very clear
The First State Bank was organized
    And this is the anniversary year

Before that time it was the Bank of Brunsville
    That was started in nineteen hundred and ten
But the present owners of the First State Bank
    Were not the owners of the bank then

It was organized by C. B. Elsen and W. G. Bolser
    Two distinguished gentlemen from Le Mars
Who built the building in nineteen ten
    The year some of us got our first cars.

These two men strange as it may seem
    Gave the Bank of Brunsville its name
They ran the business successfully
    Mr. Bolser was experienced in the game

Elsen and Kennedy then ran the bank
    They kept everything straight and fair
Then in the year nineteen eighteen
    These two men sold out their share.

Henry Harms then bought out these two
    Then he and sister Katherine ran the bank
Then is when Henry became Mr. H. J. Harms
    When before he was just plain "Hank"

In nineteen thirty-one the building burned down
    The vault only was left standing on the lot
The fire-proof safe dropped through the floor
    And believe me that thing was really hot.

They moved to the Farmers Bank Building
    That was really very handy you see
That banker like many others those days
    Also belonged to the BBB

The building burned about 10 o'clock at night
    But the papers and most everything was saved
And taken to the other bank building
    Where they wanted to use them next day

Next morning at about nine o'clock
    Most everything was in its places
When the customers came in to do business
    They met the same smiling faces

Those were the years of hard times and bankrupt
    And many a bank had to close its doors
But the First State Bank was one of the few
    That was able to weather the storms

As Henry would say if you asked for advise
    I tell you if you borrow money you know
Have the note come due in the early spring
    For it shortens the winter so.

This is the Twenty-fifth Anniversary year
    President Harms will surely show his good will
And I would like to suggest to him
    To give every customer a five dollar bill

If a five dollar bill is a little too much
    And some people would probably hollar
The very least that the bank could do
    Give every one a silver dollar

The bank will surely celebrate this year
    I would suggest they get the Brunsville hall
They would have a seating place for every one
    Either this summer or early this fall

They could have some talent plays and a few skits
    And some music and someone to speak
The owner would probably donate the hall
    And would have everything clean and neat

The bank is in a farming community
    Where the people are all Honest and True
That's what counts when you run a bank
    When they all pay their notes when due

The bank has withstood the storms in the past
    Let us pray that it may continue that way
May the good Lord bless those in charge
    And guide them in their work every day

1888 - 1954

Brunsville's banker for
40 years.  He enjoyed help-
ing people whether it was
to start farming or busi-
ness, to get over a misfor-
tune, to get an edcuation or
any worthwhile purpose.

Brunsville, Iowa